Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Birthday Card

I am not really sure if I am thrilled with this card, or not.  I wanted to do a fall themed birthday card with the oranges and fall colors..  The background paper I picked was really pretty, but so much of it is covered, I don't know that it makes a good connection.  It is one of those cards that is better in person than the photo.

I started again with the flower from page of the Sophie cartridge because I liked the previous card so much (http://pinkladysparadise.blogspot.com/2011/09/sophie-pink-flower-card.html).  I added some really pretty glitter to the flower.  The photo doesn't show how pretty the glitter is.  And the background paper has some shiny copper accents that do not all show in the photo.

Then I picked the Happy Birthday from page 37 of the Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art cartridge.  There are several styles of phrasing on this cart, so it's a good one to have.  There are 4 different styles of Happy Birthday on this one cartridge. And they all have shadowing, which I like.

For the inside, I added some green and a strip of the background paper to tie it together.

I think this one is growing on me and I am liking it more and more!

Thanks for coming by,

Cindy :)

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