Saturday, March 27, 2010


Sometimes I think about what Heaven will be like and it is so hard to fathom the joy that we will feel.  Joy is such a fleeting emotion here on this Earth.  You can be happy or content but joy is so much more than that.

God gives us fleeting glimpses of it. Like when you fall in love.  But even if you are happy the joy is fleeting because the World intrudes.  You begin to wonder, have doubts and concerns.  Even if you have faith in your loved one - human nature is in us all. 

Then there is true joy when you are gifted with a child.  The beauty, the innocence of a baby brings joy.  But then that old world intrudes again.  Will I be a good parent?  Am I up to the monumental task of raising a human being. 

I could go on and on about the moments that bring you joy on this Earth, but how much more will that joy be intensified when we go to Heaven to be with our King?  It's hard for me to fathom.

Just thinking...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ali, Jax & Presley

A couple of paper dolls I made for my Cousin's Grandchildren & kitty

Ghada's card

A friend from Kemal's work was burned by boiling water.  I made this card for her.
The lattice work on the card was cut with the 2010 Mother's Day cartridge.

Teresa's Birthday Card

My Cousin's daughter asked me to make her a card for her 50th birthday.  I wrote the poem I posted earlier in her honor.  I didn't put it in the card because her daughter wrote what I printed and put in the card since it was from her.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


My cousin and I are two weeks apart and we are coming upon a milestone birthday.  I wrote this poem in honor of us!

I have been on this earth for a while now
She said to the One who Created her.
I have laughed, loved, cried and lost.
I have been both a daughter and a Mother.

I have lifted my arms up to the sky
And accepted what the earth had to give.
What is left for me to experience;
Is there more of this life for me to live?

The Creator smiled down with love
Upon His creation so beautiful and dear
And with His gentle voice He declared
My Child, There is no reason for you to fear

For you have only just begun to bloom.