Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blog Award

Pat @ Pat's Scraps (http://patsscraps.blogspot.com/) was kind enough to pass this award along to me.  In order to receive the award, I need to answer the following questions about myself and then pass the award along to other bloggers.
1. Name your favorite color.

(bet you didn't know that!)

2. Name your favorite song.

At the moment - Shake It For Me
by Luke Bryan

3. Name your favorite dessert.

Brownie with ice cream

4. What wizzes you off at the moment?

Rising prices!

5. Your favorite pet?

My shih tzu, Gibbs who doesn't like anyone but me!
And our little yorkie, Emmy.

6. Black or White?


7. Your biggest fear?


8. Best feature?


9. Everyday attitude?


10. What is perfection?

Having all of my family together for a
happy occasion

11. Guilty pleasure?


12. When you're upset, you?

Like to be by myself
(in my scrap room)

Now I need to pass this award onto 10 other bloggers. They are...
My two newest followers
other followers:
a couple more that I enjoy following:
I hope you visit these blogs and they inspire you as they do me.
Thanks again, Pat.  I really appreciate your continuing support.
Thanks for coming by,
Cindy :)

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