Thursday, November 11, 2010

Embossed ornaments

I decided to take a chance and heat emboss glass ornaments.  Guess what! It worked!  No broken bulbs so far.
I cut the templates out of vinyl (on my cricut) using the Songbird cartridge.  Placed them on the clear bulb and went over it with my Versamark pad.  Sprinkled on embossing powder. Took the vinyl off.  Then turned on the heat gun.I did not keep the heat gun on the bulb for long periods.  I would do 6 to 10 seconds and then let the bulb cool for 15 or so seconds then hit it with another blast of heat.  None of the bulbs cracked or broke.  I did take the top hanger off and the glass did get pretty hot but no problems.  I gave the bulb a couple of minutes to cool and the embossing to set up.
Then I poured my Pledge "floor finish with future shine" in the bulb, swished it around and poured out the excess.  I put a generous amount of Martha Stewart tinsel glitter in and swished it around.
I am pretty pleased with the outcome.
I bet you can't guess who these are for!

Thanks for stopping by.

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