Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rule the World with Coffee

So as I am washing dishes yet again, I look over and see the light on the coffee pot blinking.  We have one of those Keurig coffee pots that makes one cup at a time.  We like this since with our schedules we don't all drink coffee at the same time and it saves a lot of wasted coffee.  I almost never drink coffee.  I use it more for an occasional cup of hot chocolate, which is not very often at all. And yet I am constantly adding water to the coffee machine.

So when I got back from Mississippi the light was blinking on the pot.  I added water.  Within a day or two the light is blinking again.  So I don't fill it right away.  I am assuming that someone who uses it (Kemal or Ken) will put water in it.  So it blinks for a couple of days.  Well, I guess no one is drinking coffee, but I add water, because the stupid light is blinking.

Then within less than two days the light is blinking again. And it dawns on me that no one can drink coffee if I don't put water in the machine!  There must be some magic to filling the carafe with water that men can't grasp!  What power I have!  I CAN RULE THE WORLD with coffee! 

I go back to washing dishes as I remeber that I have already tried this strategy with clean dishes, clean clothes, replacing toilet paper, replacing paper towels , etc.  Their tolerance to live without these things is just so much higher than mine that I can never win.

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